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CPR My Career

500 Questions: Tough Questions, Part 10

Can I have your Social Security number? This is an illegal question and may not be asked by an interviewer or prospective employer. Once you have accepted employment, you will have to provide your social security number, but not before. You have an accent. Where are you from? This may be an illegal question and…

CPR My Career

500 Questions: Tough Questions, Part 9

If we told you the job is yours, what would you say? Most interviewers will expect you to take some time to consider all aspects before accepting a job in order to make a fully informed decision. Let them know you are interested and would like to think about it for a short time. If…


How to Find the Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

In many of the CPR My Career training videos, and the steps we outline for job seekers, we talk at length about pursuing the hiring manager on LinkedIn. But most of the time, this is easier said than done. For many, the response on LinkedIn is no different than the response you get from the rest…

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