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Traditional recruiting firms work for the employer.
CPR My Career is different. We work for you.

This Is What We Do

We’ve assisted close to 100,000 people with all aspects of their career transition.
Based on their feedback, and after identifying their needs, we have a very clear picture of what your needs are.
We are able to apply the best practices from the best candidates we’ve worked with over the years.


Most recruiting firms you’re exposed to work for the employer, not for you. We are different. We work for you.

Career Coaching

Our career coaching makes you a stronger candidate in our network, and a stronger candidate in your network.


A growing percentage of hiring companies do not advertise their jobs, they find candidates directly online.

Financial Planning

Don’t look at your retirement as a dollar amount. We are finely tuned to help you manage your 401(k) or IRA.

We help people with all aspects
of their career transition.

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