500 Questions: About the Position, Part One

What makes you equipped to handle this position? What is unique about you?

Use this question as an opportunity to stress your strengths, experience, education, and skills. Emphasize a few of your strongest qualifications and relate them to the position in question.

What are you ideally looking for in this company and job?

Employers want to fill these positions with serious people who are likely to remain for an extended period. Each position requires a unique type of personality and set of skills. Relate your experience in your field and demonstrate how ideally this is suited to the position for which you are applying. Link your personality and skills to the position and demonstrate that you believe in the company’s goals and plans for the future.

Do you have any expectations of the responsibilities you would have in this position?

Your qualifications for the position can help you answer this question, as well as your pre-interview research. Answer with a positive and upbeat attitude that shows you understand the needs of the position and have the ability to fill them.+

Considering your resume, what are your weaknesses in relation to the job?

The best approach here is to turn the question around and get the interviewer to disclose what he or she believes are your weaknesses. Then use the opportunity to change the interviewer’s mind. As always, give specific examples of your suitability for the position.

In what ways do you think you think you are prepared to take on the responsibilities of this job?

Briefly outline the qualifications and skills that you possess and you understand the position requires from your research. Describe the immediate relevance of your past experience and how your personality and/or skills would help round out the department. Draw parallels from your current or previous job to the requirements of this job.

How could you add value to your current position?

Show an ability to add value continually to your job. What new opportunities exist that could challenge your skills and intellect? The interviewer will want to feel confident that you won’t get bored or disenchanted with your work.

What concerns you most about performing this job?

You may want to turn this question around and ask the interviewer if he or she has any concerns about your qualifications. Then address those concerns and affirm your confidence that your skills are the right ones and your interests are compatible with the position.

This position may require overtime hours. Is that a problem for you?

The interviewer is concerned with whether you will be able to make the commitments necessary for the position. Emphasize your flexibility to alleviate these concerns.

What aspects of this job do you feel most confident about?

Sell what you do best, and try to match it to the tasks you know are part of the job. Try to convince the interviewer that what you have to offer is truly in demand at the company, in this job, in this industry.