500 Questions: About Your Experience, Part Two

Have your ever done this type of work before?

Never say “No”. No two jobs are exactly alike. What the interviewer wants to know is whether you can learn the job in a reasonable time. Tell him about your past experience, your education, and training related to the job, non-paid experience related to the job, and how quickly you have learned that type of the work in the past.

Describe the job you have held in the past that was most gratifying.

This is a chance to highlight the strengths, skills, and expertise that you utilized in your previous positions. Identify the reasons why this particular job was most fulfilling. Focus your answer on the actions you took and the positive results you obtained.

Was there a time in your career that you have been unhappy? Why?

The interviewer is seeking to discover if the career path that you have chosen is rewarding for you and if you can make a long-term commitment to the job. Describe something you may have wanted to learn, but haven’t yet had time to pursue. Show your willingness to make changes in your development when growth is necessary.

In your work experience, do you feel you have grown and developed? How?

Describe specific situations where you have gained experience and professional growth. Expand on skills you have gathered from each position.

How can you help our company be more profitable?

Increasing revenue or reducing costs in a company is often an asset in any position. If you have had any opportunities to help increase the bottom line for a company, be sure and identify the specific instances.

What do you think about your current manager?

Keep it short and sweet. People who complain about their employers are recognized as the same people who cause the most disruptions in a department. This question means the interviewer has no intention to hire anyone who is trouble and you can assuage that concern.

What did you like most about your last job?

Employers want to know what interests you. They are looking to match up favorable characteristics between your last job and their job opening.

What did you like least about your last job?

Your prospective employer wants to know what is unappealing to you. They are trying to determine if their job or company have similar characteristics that might also be unappealing to you.

What aspects of your job do you consider most crucial?

This question is designed to determine how well you utilize time management, prioritization skills and any inclinations for task avoidance. Stress your abilities in each of these areas as strengths that you bring to the position.

Tell me how you would handle multiple projects in the job.

The ability to identify tasks, organize, and prioritize is becoming more and more critical in today’s world of project management. Specify your strengths in this area, and illustrate your experience from previous positions.