500 Questions: About Your Resume, Part One

Why have you moved so frequently from one job to another?

You may have very good reasons for having to change jobs frequently and if so, briefly state them. The most valid reasons for leaving a job are personal growth, career enhancement, or increased compensation. Persuade the interviewer that you are interested in working for their company for the long term.

Are you involved with any professional affiliations, organizations, or local groups?

The interviewer is seeking to see if you are able to make and keep commitments over an extended period of time. Explaining about your professional associations also shows a consistency of interest in your career and a desire to further yourself.

Tell me something about yourself that I didn’t know from reading your resume.

Don’t just repeat what is on your resume. Think of a talent or skill that doesn’t quite fit into your employment history, but that is unique and reveals something intriguing about your personality or past experience.

Why would you want to accept a position for which you are obviously overqualified?

The interviewer is trying to determine your motivation for choosing a new career, and the likelihood that you will be comfortable in a position where you may have less responsibility than you did in the past. Discuss your reasons for choosing this career and be sure and demonstrate a willingness to learn new things. Point out new experiences that you look forward to in a job as well as reasons you believe you’re uniquely suited for the position. Point out similarities to some of your past jobs in which you enjoyed success.

You have changed jobs quite frequently. How do we know you will stick around if we hire you?

The hiring process is expensive for companies and time-consuming for managers. The interviewer is seeking someone who can convince them they have staying power. Focus on the fact that you are quite sure now of your direction and that you left previous positions only after you realized you wanted to broaden your responsibilities and increase your experience.

What is the least relevant job you have held?

No job in your profession should have been a waste of time. Indicate that each position you have held has increased your knowledge about how the profession works and how you have gained first-hand knowledge through each job.

Why have you held so many jobs in recent times?

Someone who has held jobs for short periods may need to account for the reason. The prospective employer will want insight into your reasons for changing jobs so often.

Why have you held so few jobs in the past years?

Someone who has held jobs for lengthy periods is usually viewed as valuable. The prospective employer will want insight into your motivations for longevity with previous positions and employers. You should be able to give a very positive response to this question.