500 Questions: About Your Resume, Part Two

This article is a continuation of our 500 Questions series and specifically discusses how to respond to questions about your resume.

Why are you currently unemployed?

Answer with a positive attitude and state the reason why you are currently looking for work. Be careful that whatever you say about a previous employer is favorable. Many companies are downsizing, and reducing overhead, which often requires staff layoffs. Focus your answer on the reasons why you left your previous job and anchor it with a positive reason why you would be a productive member of the company.

What was your last company like?

Be prepared to answer this question by identifying the strengths and positive aspects of your previous company. Be sure and convey your respect for your former employer and try not to say anything that may be taken negatively.

Can I call your current employer for a reference?

Many people seek another position without informing their current employer. Be sure and let your interviewer know if your current manager does not yet know you are looking for a new job.

After being with the same organization for so long, don’t you think you might have a tough time getting accustomed to another?

During your tenure with your current company, you have probably worked for more than one manager. You may even have supervised many different types of people in various departments. Certainly you have worked with many different coworkers. Remind the interviewer of the strength this has given you and that you are flexible and loyal. This can be a valuable combination.

According to your resume, there are specific periods of time where you have been unemployed. Would you like to explain why?

Most people do have some gaps in their employment history, due to various reasons. Explain to the interviewer what was happening in your life at that time and what occupied your time. If you were out of work for any extended period of time, point out your readiness to return to the work force and how you have been preparing for it.