500 Questions, Character Questions, Part Six

Are you an organized person at home?

This question allows the interviewer to gauge your personal responsibility and your level of accountability. Indicate your experience with the process and demonstrate your own organizational skills at home.

Do you anticipate problems well or merely react to them?

Show how you can anticipate problems by looking for them prior to the actual occurrence of the problem and being prepared for them. Give examples, if possible, of how you anticipated a problem and set up a solution.

Tell me something that your coworkers have complained about you in the past.

Avoid discussing a mere personality clash; focus instead on a difference in work ethic. Try to use your answer to this question to demonstrate a positive work habit of yours when compared to an associate whose standards of excellence were perhaps less effective than yours, and there was a clear difference in quality of work.

Is there anything in your background that you want to mention at this time?

The interviewer is probably trying to see how well you handle adversity and stress. Be sure and not get defensive and answer straightforward and professionally.

Have you ever given your previous employer less than two weeks notice before leaving?

Elaborate on your answer. Employers are looking for candidates that have made a smooth transition from their previous employer. Describe what you did that made it a smooth transition- trained replacement, finished project before leaving, etc.