500 Questions: About the Position, Part Two

Tell me about a time when you got bogged down in the details of a project.

Just because you are anxious to comply with the question, don’t tell stories that will hurt you. Always remember that your stories must serve the purpose of selling you. Begin by clarifying the question and then go on to explain how you learned from each experience you have undertaken. Be sure and follow up any negative information with a positive reinforcement of your strengths and qualifications.

Tell me about your least favorite manager or supervisor.

The interviewer doesn’t really want to learn about your previous manager, he is more interested in learning how you talk about them today. Avoid making negative statements about your previous employers and use an example that was more about learning than anything else.

Tell me about a time when you worked effectively under pressure.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how you work under pressure, with stress and within time limits. Illustrate to your interviewer how you are highly experienced and can organize your thoughts and strategize quickly. Use examples that show you have the traits necessary for succeeding in the position or organization no matter what.

If you had unlimited time and financial resources, how would you spend them?

Although it is tempting to discuss things you would do for fun and entertainment, stick to job related pursuits, or skill-building efforts that could transfer to the job you are applying for.

Tell me about a work event that helped you grow professionally.

The interviewer wants specific examples of how you have added value, even when an existing situation was already good. In response to a question like this, prove you are creative enough to bring a new level of quality to the job. Demonstrate the value you have added in every past job.

Tell me about a time when you have been the most satisfied in your last position.

Your answer should hint at the kinds of projects you’d like to do in the future. Focus on goals related specifically to the job you are applying for. The interviewer will want to know how your past initiative and accomplishments can translate to success for the company. The interviewer also wants a perspective on what type of work inspires you and how well it fits in with the position being offered.

Explain your reasons for leaving the last company you worked for.

Indicate that you plan a long-term career with any company that you chose and as long as you continue to learn, develop your capabilities, and work in challenging environments you intend to fulfill your commitment and meet challenges as they come. An employers concern is foremost with employees who make career changes and why. Show the interviewer that you make your decisions only based on careful consideration and that you have a solid understanding of their company and the industry as a whole.