500 Questions: Questions You Ask, Part 3

Technological change is a fact of life. How is your company utilizing the Internet to access sources of consumer information?

A basic kind of change is now being brought about by technology. A thoughtful question about the impact of technological change on your company or job can help present you in a positive light and provide you with important information.

One of your advertisements states that your company will replace a product if it is lost or damaged. What steps do we take to fulfill this pledge?

Many firms have an operating philosophy that is supposed to guide decisions made throughout the company. It is relevant for you to determine how the company’s philosophy will be applied to your job.

It has been a pleasure meeting with you. Based on what we discussed today, do you anticipate offering me the position?

You have worked hard to build and present an impressive resume. You have succeeded in arranging an interview for the job. You prepared well. Your answers are terrific and your questions even better. Now it is time to close. Ask for the job!

Is there anything more that you need to know about me that we haven’t yet had a chance to discuss?

Since the point of this question is to address unspoken doubts the interviewer may have, be prepared to discuss any concerns that are raised.

Is there a job description? May I see it?

If it is possible to view a job description it will help you assess whether you really want the job and help you understand exactly what the employer needs. This question implies that you really care about your success at your job, and provides important information you can use to your advantage in the future.

If there were something about this job that you could change, what would it be?

Most work situations carry with them something that is potentially negative. Some people avoid asking about the down side of a job for fear of offending the interviewer. This is a needless concern. If you ask in the right way, you will actually be showing that you have a realistic outlook.

I read that new employees spend a lot of time in training before starting hands-on in their job. Could you tell me more about that?

Properly expressed, a question about the training program shows that you are thinking seriously about the early stages of your career with the new employer. By citing an interest in training you demonstrate that you really care about the issue and that you have given it some degree of thought.