500 Questions: Special Issues, Part Two

What sports do you actively participate in?

The interviewer may be wondering if you keep yourself in good shape and are healthy. They may even make a job offer contingent on your passing a physical examination.

Have you ever required a long sick leave or extended vacation from work?

Provide a candid answer and explain any unique situations. Try to demonstrate convincingly that you are interested in this company for the long haul and do not anticipate that anything will prevent you from becoming a reliable employee if hired.

Have you ever had a driver’s license revoked? Why?

If no, then the answer is simple. If yes, hopefully the circumstances that led to such an occurrence are long in your past. Your best answer is to think carefully about your own personal situation, and find a way to present it in the most positive light.

Does the frequent travel required for this work fit into your lifestyle?

Offer what you’re comfortable divulging about your family situation if it helps prove your flexibility. By all means, don’t be dishonest with yourself or the interviewer. Your response should be consistent with the demands of the position you’re currently applying for, while reflecting a realistic understanding of the work and time required.

Are you licensed to drive in this state?

This is a legal question and may be asked. The real concern for the interviewer is your ability to commute to work. If you do not drive, reassure the interviewer that you have a reliable means of transportation.

Do you speak any foreign languages?

If you do, then this is the time to talk about this skill as an asset. If you took Spanish or French in school but cannot remember more than two or three phrases, simply mention that you understand the language better than you speak it. If not, then demonstrate your willingness to extend your current capabilities with additional training if necessary or beneficial.

Are you eighteen years old or older?

Companies who hire individuals at or under eighteen years of age may be required to obtain special permits for their employment. It is therefore acceptable for employers to ask if you are older than eighteen.