500 Questions: About Your Skills, Part Two

How fast can you type?

In today’s business world, with the use of computers being so prevalent, it is almost impossible not to be able to type in some fashion or another. If you are a touch-typist, by all means indicate that as one of your strengths. If you barely know you way around a keyboard, illustrate your computer literacy and willingness to work on your typing skills.

How would you rate your communication skills?

Most positions require some form of written and oral communication skills. The interviewer will want to see that you are not hesitant to make group presentations, and that you have the necessary skills to write the documents required of your position.

How have your technical skills been an asset?

Describe how you have used technical skills to solve a problem. Tell a specific story. Demonstrate how these same skills have been useful in other situations or in most of the jobs that you have held.

Describe a professional skill you have developed in your most recent job.

Describe a skill you’ve improved in order to manage your work more efficiently. Typical examples might include learning a new software application, taking a professional seminar, or taking adult-education classes.