Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You've been searching for awhile, and although you haven't fully extinguished your networking opportunities, you are starting to get worried.

  • You feel like you have applied to hundreds of jobs, yet have only spoken to a handful of companies as a result
  • You are using LinkedIn, but you are not confident in your abilities to leverage this network
  • You are even applying for jobs that you are overqualified for and still hearing nothing back
  • You watch the news coverage about the poor economy, which doesn't help your psyche
  • You are worrying more and more about age discrimination
  • You struggle to consistently find legitimate opportunities to pursue
  • You haven't made it past the phone interview

About Us

CPRmyCareer has a razor-sharp focus on helping job-seekers rise above the clutter and "Be The One." Over the past several years, we have continuously evolved. We draw on the knowledge gained from our staff of experts and from the successes of our clients. We learn what works and what doesn’t, then we adapt our strategies accordingly. This focus gives our clients a continuously updated set of strategies and the most effective program possible.

Why Our Process Works

At CPRmyCareer, our mission is to revolutionize the way people look for a new position. By identifying and addressing the mistakes of thousands, we have been able to create a process that utilizes the best practices of jobseekers, allowing you to "Be the One" to get noticed, get an interview and get the job.

Expand Your Access To Available Positions

3,000+ job boards, and a large % of companies that don't use job boards at all! What to do? Leverage our technology, build an online brand, become an active networker.

Make Yourself Visible

Score a 90% match on the Applicant Tracking System and start getting noticed! Turn yourself into a "Must Speak To" candidate and start having conversations with people that matter!

Learn How To Speak Again

Beware the screening interview! Learn how to sound "H.R. Politically Correct" and make it through the screening interview with ease! Get rid of the "know it all" attitude and get to the decision maker!