Outplacement Services for a Modern Job Search

Free Outplacement Services for a Moderns Job Search

Losing a job can be one of the most stressful experiences life will throw at someone. Sometimes we’re let go, and sometimes the loss is more far reaching; effecting numerous employees from the same company. Outplacement services are a benefit companies can provide to help employees involuntarily leaving their company find new jobs. Beginning a job search after many years of employment can be overwhelming and complex.

A Brief History

Outplacement is a term that was developed in the 1980s to describe the service companies provided for employees who were laid off or let go as a result of downsizing and redundancy. The service was meant to provide departing employees with emotional support and career counseling so they could find new jobs.

Traditional Outplacement

We’ve done our homework and found that most outplacement firms are using outdated techniques to help job seekers. A traditional approach includes personality testing and psychological evaluations to determine career fit, help drafting a resume, help with short term benefits during unemployment, and access to an office.

CPR My Career knows this is an outdated approach to a contemporary problem.

Why Our Outplacement Services Are Better

The professionals we work with don’t need psychological evaluations or personality tests. They’ve been members of their industry for more than 10 years, possibly longer, and aren’t going to change their professions. They understand, and have access to, short term benefits during unemployment, and have the means to work from home on their job search.

We provide the tools and support to round out this process by explaining how to conduct a modern-day job search using social media, professional branding, networking, resume tailoring, and improving interview skills.

Our Outplacement Services Are Free

For companies that qualify, we provide this service free for their departing employees. We’re passionate about our process and believe that anyone who applies our techniques to their search will succeed in finding the job they want, and not just a job they need.