Free Outplacement

Our Approach to Outplacement

Our free outplacement assistance clearly demonstrates how to become a "Must Speak To" candidate for every position you apply to. At CPR My Career, we’ve listened to what thousands of individuals have asked for in their job search: Outplacement services that reflect a modern day approach to finding legitimate leads and getting interviews. Modern professionals need to learn how to build an online brand, and tailor their cover letter and resume to get past the Applicant Tracking Systems used by employers.

Professionals who find themselves looking for a new job don’t want to change industries, don’t need help finding the unemployment line, and don’t need help securing short term benefits. They need interviews. – John Schrup, President of CPR My Career

Branding & Networking

Modern networking is much more than a hand shake and elevator pitch. Many transitioning employees need to learn to build a professional brand on social media that can get their resume into the hands of decision makers.

Keys to making yourself more visible to employers include:

  • Building your professional online brand
  • Leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook
  • Learning how to apply directly to the hiring manager through social media
  • Hosting your resume online
  • Building your professional reputation and maximizing your LinkedIn presence within 30 days


Free Outplacement & Career Transitioning ServicesCover Letters & Resumes

With access to our cutting edge resume software, we can show you how to tailor your resume and cover letter to fit a company’s needs; using the right language. The ability to adapt your resume to match each opportunity that you pursue is essential for your success during a career transition.

Finding Real, Legitimate Leads for Jobs

Free Outplacement & Career Transitioning ServicesFor professionals that haven’t had to look for a job in 10 or 20 years, it can be a startling realization that positions posted online aren’t always what they seem. Coupled with the sheer number of online job boards, modern day job searches require a critical approach.

Our unique outplacement techniques allow you to expand the job vacancy marketplace within your profession and quickly validate the legitimacy of job postings. We’ll also show you how to actively search more than 50,000 websites, and take advantage of openings on social media.

Get The Interview, Get The Job

Interviewing has become more sophisticated than most of us could ever have imagined. Our partnerships with top human resources professionals allow us to deliver state of the art advice, insight and practical applications to improve your interviewing skills. With our interview coaching, we’ll show you how to respond to the 500 most common questions with “H.R. politically correct” answers.