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500 Questions: About the Position, Part One

What makes you equipped to handle this position? What is unique about you? Use this question as an opportunity to stress your strengths, experience, education, and skills. Emphasize a few of your strongest qualifications and relate them to the position in question. What are you ideally looking for in this company and job? Employers want…

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500 Questions: About the Company, Part Two

All companies face challenges now and then. What do you think our company’s challenges are? How would you help us to overcome them? Speak firmly from your past experience about company challenges and let the interviewer know that you would bring to the company a positive, dedicated, professional attitude. What do you know about our…

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500 Questions: About the Company, Part One

How do you believe you could best make a contribution to our company? Your expertise, training, experience, and background are valuable assets to bring to any company. Talk about what you have accomplished in the past and what you plan to do in the future. This is a much larger (or smaller) company than you’ve…

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