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500 Questions: About Your Experience, Part Three

Looking back on the experience, you think there’s anything you could’ve done to improve the relationship with your previous manager? Of course you do. The work experience you have had since has shown you how to better accept criticism. Now that you have a better understanding of the pressures your supervisors are under, you can…

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500 Questions: About Your Experience, Part Two

Have your ever done this type of work before? Never say “No”. No two jobs are exactly alike. What the interviewer wants to know is whether you can learn the job in a reasonable time. Tell him about your past experience, your education, and training related to the job, non-paid experience related to the job,…

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500 Questions: About Your Experience, Part One

Describe a project that did not turn out the way you expected. Discuss a project over which you had no final control. Focus on the positive steps you would take if you could go back and do it all over again. In what areas do you feel you need additional experience? If you mention an…

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