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500 Questions: Tough Questions, Part Three

What might your current manager want to change about your work habits? The interviewer will want to know how you’ll fit in with your future manager and coworkers, and will also want to feel confident that he or she has uncovered any surprises about your corporate style. One good way to answer this question is…

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500 Questions: Tough Questions, Part Two

What cultural interests have you developed in this area? You are being asked about your cultural interests and whether you spend time in other pursuits in addition to work. Describe any local museums, art centers, schools that you have attended or, if that is not applicable to you, discuss other relevant culture activities. If you…

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500 Questions: Tough Questions, Part One

Who is the boss in your family? Remember to avoid any kind of angry reaction. Allow for the possibility that the interviewer is trying to lure you into saying something without thinking. Smile confidently and respond that you operate on democratic principles with adults making the decisions for what is best for the whole family….

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