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500 Questions: Your Work Style, Part Three

How do you handle change? You want to indicate that you handle change very well. Business is about change. In order to remain competitive, we have to adapt to changes in technology, personnel, leadership, business structure, the types of services we deliver and even the products we produce. How do you go about making important…

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500 Questions: About Your Work Style, Part Two

This is the second of three parts where we discuss your work style during the interview process. Share an example of your determination. Describe a time you persevered to accomplish a goal. A personal goal, such as one that reflects an interest in developing a new skill, would be appropriate here. Demonstrate how you gather…

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500 Questions: About Your Work Style, Part One

In our continuation of 500 Questions, we shift from discussing your resume to your work style. Tell me about a problem that you failed to anticipate. This question forces you to be humble but gives you an opportunity to relate an incident from which you learned an important lesson. Relate, in retrospect, the warning signs…

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