I was intrigued by your methodology when we first spoke...

Doug Rufer

I wanted to send a quick thank you for the assistance you and CPR My Career provided to me over the past few months while conducting my job search! I was intrigued by your methodology when we first spoke and have learned a great deal from you and your team that helped me secure my new position.

One of the areas that I was skeptical at early on, was meeting with a financial planner. I was expecting someone who may want to sell me more insurance or pressure me into turning my financial affairs over to them. Bill Klinglesmith has been awesome to work with and we have now developed a great friendship through our discussions and your process, plus he has opened my eyes to some financial opportunities I didn’t even know existed which made a lot of sense for me long term. We continue to speak weekly and I have to say this area was probably one of the best parts of the experience I had with CPR My Career. I also never felt pressured into buying anything and it was also great having an outside person I could speak with virtually any time during my job search.

The tools on your website were also very valuable. There are countless videos, document samples (resume’s and letter samples), and other tools to use to give you some guidance on formulating your job search plan. Looking for a new job (with all the typical rejections you get) can be trying at times and having you contact me weekly to “check in”, offer some advice, and help provide some “hidden jobs” I didn’t find, helped keep my spirits high during my search.

One other area that I felt provided a significant boost in my job search was the willingness of Bill to run my resume and job description through the HR scan tool. Understanding what the HR software looks for when screening resume’s for a job description provided a lot of insight for me in how to best position my resume for a given job. In fact, I believe it was this insight and effort that helped get me my current position I recently accepted, as Bill ran through my resume and job description for my new position and I tailored my resume to better match the position requirements, ultimately leading to a call from their HR department to screen me into the interview process.