Thank you for the very concise and informative session...

Lamont Roberts

Thank you for the very concise and informative session. You have really enlightened me on the current strategy and tactics that are necessary to successfully navigate today's employment search. The facts you relayed concerning "key word" driven resumes and the "professional" use of social media was really "eye- opening."

I want to also commend you and the entire team for the extremely targeted and professional assistance everyone has provided me to date. This includes Stacy (my initial contact with CPRmycareer), Rhonda who set the appointment with Warren and of course Warren (your financial planner who I met with this morning - extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful).

After interacting with your team over this very brief period of time, I am confident that I am in the hands of true experts and that you will be of great assistance in getting me back to suitable, full-time employment.